Konferenz 3

The third, final DigI-VET Conference took part at the 27th of April 2021

Host is the Asociatia Oamenilor de Afaceri Agres Romania.


DigI-VET-M3- Agenda – UPB

Presentations – Coordinator:



Links to some results presented at the final conference:

The fifteen results of DigI-VET project:

1-DigI-VET- CoreResults-Curriculum
2-DigI-VET- CoreResults-Learning and Teaching Resources
3-DigI-VET- CoreResults-Online Observatory
4-DigI-VET- CoreResults-DigI-VET book
5-DigI-VET- CoreResults-DigI-VET-sMOOC
6-DigI-VET- CoreResults-DigI-VET research report
7-DigI-VET- CoreResults-DigI-VET dissemination materials
8-DigI-VET- CoreResults-DigI-VET-website with blog
9-DigI-VET- CoreResults-DigI-VET-teachers educators checklist
10-DigI-VET- CoreResults-DigI-VET-videos
11-DigI-VET- CoreResults-DigI-VET-OER Strategy
12-DigI-VET- CoreResults-DigI-VET-digitisation concept for VET
13-DigI-VET- CoreResults-DigI-VET-publications newsletter and press articles 14-DigI-VET- CoreResults-DigI-VET-sMOOC concept
15-DigI-VET- CoreResults-DigI-VET- evaluation report

DigI-VET- CoreResults-Overview

Learning Platform:

DigI-VET Tasks – Welcome

Online Observatory:

Meeting minutes:
DigI-VET-M3- Meeting Minutes- UPB 


Internal Evaluation Report:

DigI-VET-M3- Evaluation Report- UPB

Insights in the Zoom online meeting: