The objectives of DigI-VET are to gather information about Digitalisation in Europe and about the new trends in Industry 4.0 to provide an adequate information basis. Therefore, the aim of DigI-VET is to do qualitative and quantitative research in the partner countries to provide an information platform for VET on our Website and create a book with background information and didactical hints vor VET teachers and trainers. So, DigI-VET addresses the challenges of the rapidly changing environment in economy and transfer this into pedagogical settings. The VET schools have a need for information in different vocationals fields, like business administration, production, and marketing as well as in IT. The teachers have to face the new situation and they have to provide the learnings with new learning scenarios which have to be created. But, such a creation is only possible, when the teachers and trainers are aware of the current change. Therefore, DigI-VET has a strong focus on creating awareness to provide a first step towards new approaches in VET.

In DigI-VET the partners will create a book in English language on digitization and Industry 4.0 and the influences to VET, where the survey results and the results of the desktop researches are provided and additional checklists and hints for teachers and trainers are provided.

DigI-VET  includes only two intellectual output focussing the quantitative and qualitative research on the topic and the design of the DigI-VET book.