Multiplier Events

Multiplier Event in Germany

DigI-VET-Agenda-Multiplier Event- UPB-DE

Multiplier Event Minutes: 
DigI-VET-Multiplier Event- Meeting Minutes-UPB-DE

DigI-VET-Multiplier Event-General Information- UPB

DigI-VET-Multiplier Event-Insights- UPB

DigI-VET-Multiplier Event-Warm Welcome- UPB



Multiplier Event – Online Multiplier Event in United Kingdom

Agenda and Presentation:
DigI-VET-Multiplier Event Presentation- UK

Multiplier Event Minutes:
DigI-VET-Multiplier Event Meeting Minutes – Report- UK



Multiplier Event in Cyprus

DigI-VET-Multiplier Event- Agenda-CY
DigI-VET-Multiplier Event- Agenda-EDUFAIR2020- CY

DigI-VET-Multiplier Event- Module 2 – Terms, History and Agriculture

Multiplier Event Minutes:
DigI-VET-Multiplier Event- Report – CY

Dissemination documents:

DigI-VET-Banner – EN

Multiplier Event in Romania

DigI-VET-Multiplier Event-Agenda workshop- RO

Presentation / Poster Presentation:

DigI-VET-Multiplier Event-Poster- RO

Multiplier Event Minutes:

DigI-VET-Multiplier Event- Minutes Short Report- RO