DiGI-VET Conference in Paderborn, Germany

After an excellent start of the DiGI-VET project on the 1st of December 2018 the partners agreed to hold a first conference to discuss the issues on digitisation and Industry 4.0 with regard to vocational education and Training.

The conference will be held at the university of Paderborn from the 17th to the 19th of December. The chair of business and human resource education II of Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner will host the conference.

Welcome to the DigI-VET project

Welcome to the project DigI-VET which starts on the 1st of December 2018 and has a duration of 24 months. In this project we discuss on digitisation in education and industry 4.0. The project will focus new educational solutions and offers innovative approaches to the challenges of education in the future. DigI-VET is set up in the field of vocational education and training (VET) and brings together a strong partnership of different European countries. It is co-financed by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Commission. We would be happy to discuss with you on the topics, so don´t hesitate to contact us.